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It isn’t frequently we see major battles in women’s college ball recreations, but that all changed on Monday night.An coincidental hair drag amid the TCU. Sixth-ranked Kansas has consecutive losses for the primary time this season whereas still attempting to clinch a Huge 12 title. Players chosen to toss a few bombs amid the TCU/George Washington women’s ball amusement Monday night.During the non-conference matchup, TCU forward Bella Cravens got disturbed at what she felt was an superfluous drag of her hair, and it was off to the races against Substance Brown.

TCU is off to a great begin in Walk, and the Horned Frogs lovely much know for beyond any doubt presently that they will be portion of the franticness of the NCAA Tournament. Sixth-ranked Kansas has successive misfortunes for the primary time this season whereas still attempting to clinch a Huge 12 title. Women’s College Ball TCU Videos Mike Miles Jr. had 19 focuses and six helps as TCU set its once-shaky competition continue with a moment sequential win versus a top-10 group, 74-64 over the Jayhawks on Tuesday night.

It implies everything. … This gives us momentum,” Miles said.“I’m truly happy for our players, they truly bought in,” coach Jamie Dixon said, indicating out that it was Walk 1. “You may see it this final week and you may fair kind of see things coming. The Horned Frogs (19-9, 8-8 Enormous 12), who had never had sequential wins over positioned rivals, secured the diversion amid a extend when Miles made a solid move around KJ Adams Jr. for a layup, and after that made a 3-pointer to expand the lead to 59-49 with 7:44 cleared out

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