What Happened To Magnolia Shorty Eye? How Did Magnolia Shorty Died?

Who Is Magnolia Shorty?

Renetta Yemika Lowe-Bridgewater (September 30, 1982 December 20, 2010), frequently called Magnolia Shorty, was a Unused Orleans-based rapper. Magnolia Shorty and Ms. Tee (Trishell Williams) had been the essential young ladies marked to Cash Cash Records. Her 1997 make a big appearance collection Monkey on the Dick (more often than not stylized Monkey On Tha D$ck) is taken into consideration a bounce fundamental, and on the time of her misfortune of life, she was “already considered a legend of bounce music.”

What Happened To Magnolia Shorty Eye?

Magnolia Shorty was by no implies implied to pass on. But, taking after her misfortune of life inside the winter of 2010 on the age of 28, she was depicted as “collateral damage” by the staff of professional killers who inadvertently slaughtered her companion Jerome “Man Man” Hampton. Her climb inside the Unused Orleans music exchange, interminably connected to shocking acts of savagery, was stopped by the savage murdering.

How Did Magnolia Shorty Died?

Magnolia returned to her home on December 20, 2010, to urge one thing prior than flying to Miami, Florida, to carry out at a bounce-type fashion exhibition. When she drove by implies of the entryway, one other car got here in behind her, circled her, and blocked her in. Two guys left the car and begun capturing by implies of the domestic windows. She was shot 26 occurrences and murdered inside the car with Jerome Hampton inside the stopping zone of the gated home complicated the put she lived, alluded to as the Georgetown of Unused Orleans, inside the Edgelake neighborhood of Modern Orleans East.

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