Watch Romeo Santos distributes a see of the risqué video clip of ‘Solo conmigo’

Advanced Yorker’s Advanced Work brings it the essential week of July to Madrid after four a long time without wandering on Spain. Romeo Santos detailed three concerts at the Wizink Center and, after breaking all sorts of records and running out of tickets in a few hours, he detailed a fourth show up for Thursday, July 6. Tickets are as of presently on sale.Get off the dress and let’s toast for cherish I don’t judge your past or awful notoriety Your list of critical others and experiences Not germane, no one contains a pure soul I don’t care what you’ve done, where you’ve cleared out a bra As it were Mother Teresa was consecrated with the skin Let the essential stone woman be heavenly I can’t kill your story or who came a few time as of late me The saying goes that the one who giggles last laughs best Although some touched your body, because it were I come to the soul.

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