Watch NFL star Damar Hamlin’s leaked video

The unjustifiable tweets started to circulate inside minutes of Buffalo Bills security Damar Hamlin’s staggering collapse on the field amid “Monday Night Football.” Anti-vaxxers and right-wing provocateurs looked for to interface the damage that cleared out Hamlin in basic condition and the coronavirus immunization, without any prove.

Their claims built on a long time of coronavirus immunization deception that has been seeded over social media. Tech isn’t your companion. We are. Sign up for The Tech Friend newsletter. “This could be a appalling and all as well commonplace locate right presently: Competitors dropping suddenly,” tweeted the pro-Trump extremist Charlie Kirk, who leads the youth bunch Turning Point USA. His tweet was seen about 10 million times as of Tuesday.

“Everybody knows what happened to Damar Hamlin since it’s happened to as well numerous competitors around the world since COVID immunization was required in sports,” said previous Newsmax journalist Emerald Robinson, in a tweet that was seen more than 2 million times and vis

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