Watch Miss Shozi leaked on reddit and twitter, what happened?

DJ, businesswoman and influencer Sithelo Shozi has uncovered brutal and aggravating points of interest and charges on her Instagram page around her past and display relationship with RoyalAM president and performer Andile Mpisane, who is The father of their two children, which about crushed the web. Andile is the child of TV identity and businesswoman Shawn Mkhize, prevalently known as “MamMkhize”. Sithelo shared these points of interest in a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, posting a video in which she claims to be Andile’s voice can be listened.

“Yaz’yini, zokubone imihlolo. Angeke uyithole leyo ngane. Ngizokuquma mina manje,” said the voice on the recording. Generally deciphered: “You’ll never see this kid. I can discover you now… let me conclusion this call and organize this victory. You’ll never be anybody, you’ll continuously be beneath me , until you kick the bucket. You’ve got nothing and never will have anything,” the voice said, whereas a female voice that sounded like Sithelo was listened inquiring him to calm down and come to his senses. She encourage claims that Andil physically ambushed her until she endured a premature delivery.

“I’m not somebody who likes to conversation almost anything related to my individual life, particularly when my kids are included, but everybody features a turning point and this story has gone as well distant. I’ve been quiet for as well long, Covering up my truth for the purpose of peace, but nowadays I will not stay silent,” she started clarifying, some time recently claiming that Andil’s family knew she had supposedly been mishandled by him. “Let’s begin with me being beaten up in a room full of family and companions by my so-called ‘victim’ and having a premature delivery, at that point being taken to the closest healing center and treated like nothing happened ,” she proceeded of her bruised confront and arm some time recently posting a picture.

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