Watch Jerry Russo Magic Wand Leaked Viral Video & Photos

Who is Jerry Russo? Theresa’s spouse Jerry Russo is the father of Justin, Alex and Max. When he was a child, he was a wizard, but he gave his enchantment powers to his brother, Kelbo Russo, so he may wed Theresa, a mortal. His children learn how to perform enchantment appropriately beneath the direction of Jerry. 

Advance, his spouse and he claim the Waverly Sub Station and restaurant. Jerry Russo’s to begin with wand Jerry Russo was raised with a 77 wand center plume light that has been suspended. An stretched dark shaft and two white handles at each conclusion made it see like a magician’s wand. The E-Wand was at that point passed on to Max so that he might utilize it whereas holding up for his possess E-Wand.

His moment wand was likely seen once or twice. It had two lighter brown colored handles on each conclusion, comparative to his to begin with wand. You’ll be able see the Jerry Russo Pictures trending over the web. You’ll check it out. Conclusion:

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