Watch Dugaan Rizky Aditya video viral twitter inisial r hard gummy | citra kirana terbaru

The video appears a man suspected of being Rezky Aditya lying on a bed. He was wearing a white shirt and pants that were open.In the video, the man suspected of being Rezky Aditya appears his portion to the camera additionally appears a grinning confront a few times.Rezky Adhitya Dradjatmoko (born 26 February 1985) is an Indonesian on-screen character and show .Rezky begun his career in acting by playing a part within the cleanser musical drama Adam & Hawa in 2004.

At that point, in 2006, he got the part as Arifin in his to begin with film, specifically Falling in Adore Once more. Rezky completed his instruction at Al-Azhar Kemang Pratama Tall School .

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