Watch Dubahub leaked on twitter and reddit

Pros in Medellín, domain of Antioquia, are looking for out for the subject that appears up inside the video, who was riding a skateboard and was captured from the back of a moving open transport transport though talking on the phone.

It happened near Santo Domingo, the capital of Antioquia zone, on what appears up to be a downhill road, raising the danger that at smallest three citations will be issued to the man for the event. The video went viral on social media, unleashing comments that amplified from snickering and joke, to memes,

To stun for not because it were putting their claim lives and insightfulness at danger, but besides imperiling the lives and insight of other on-screen characters inside the street. The video went viral on social media and made mixed responses. These are the things to do in Medellín at Christmas The locale of Medellín, when celebrating the conclusion of the year, offers a moved social arrange for the inhabitants of the city, as well as for guests

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