Watch Blueface and Chrisean Leaked Video

Blueface and Chrisean Leaked Video:

A video of Blueface and Chrisean was spilled in which the two shared an indicate scene together. They gotten modest bunches of tweets after their s*xual video went viral on social media. Agreeing to strong sources, the video was spilled by Christian’s official Twitter account @ChriseanMalone. When Blueface’s page was checked, there was no video shared by him. From the video, it can be chosen that it was shot in a darker locale. A short time later, another video was shared, which started picking up viewership quickly. Chrisean at first shared the video on her Instagram stories, but concurring to Twitter postings, the two recordings show up to be misplaced from her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Did the two beak up?

It was detailed that after a number of hours since the Stormy Days artist vented on Twitter around her relationship with Blueface, she shared a video on Monday, October 3, that got viral. With the video, she captioned, “Y’all can have him. Chrisean Shake is single. Chrisean you’re sufficient. U gon wishes u as it were kept this one tho.” Later, she added in her post, “It’s not that we are one or, two we are extraordinary accomplices when it comes to cash. I’m faithful to the individuals that are present for me. I conditionally cherish Blue.” After sharing the video, she too publicized that she is now not Blueface’s sweetheart. At that point Blueface said, “I ain’t never been single. I continuously kept a couple.”

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