Watch Blanco victim of an accident: must suspend the tour

In 2014, more than 200,000 displaced people and transients fled for security over the Mediterranean Sea. Crammed into packed, risky pontoons, thousands suffocated, provoking the Pope to caution that the ocean was getting to be a mass cemetery.

The early months of 2015 saw no rest. In April alone more than 1,300 individuals suffocated. This driven to a huge open objection to extend protect operations. Throughout this period, UNHCR and other helpful associations, locked in in a arrangement of largescale media backing works out, pointing at persuading European nations to do more to help.

It was significant work, setting the tone for the sensational rise in consideration to the refugee crisis that taken after within the moment half of 2015. But the media was distant from joined together in its reaction. Whereas a few outlets joined the call for more assistance, others were unsympathetic, contending against expanding protect operations.

To learn why, UNHCR commissioned a report by the Cardiff School of News coverage to investigate what was driving media cover

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