Vivian Polania leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter | Vivian Polania viral onlyf on reddit and twitter

On November 16, Colombian judge Vivian Polanía lay in bed with a cigarette in her hand and clearly in her clothing whereas showing up in a virtual hearing. Since at that point, the judge in address has been suspended for three months.A few days back, a video went viral and Polanía might be seen at the moment her camera was turned on, and she might be seen with teary eyes and disheveled hair, smoking a cigarette in bed, clearly as it were in dress interior.

Concurring to the entrance El Tiempo, the judge went through more than 57 minutes turning off the cameras some time recently the incident. The prosecutors shown to the lady that they might see her, at which point she detached, in spite of the intercession of the Open Service, and she reconnected with the cameras turned off. US Sanctions More Iranian Authorities for Breaking Down on Protests Given this, the Legal Teach Committee of Norte Santander chosen to suspend her for three months, condemning her state of mind.

“This circumstance is conflicting with the judiciousness, regard and consideration with which the judges of the Republic are obliged to confer equity and appears that this official clearly disregards her possess open office and those included within the investigation,” communicating the assurance of Colombian teach. . El All inclusive cited the judge as saying that after the occurrence, she too famous that she had been “persecuted for years” since of the way she dressed, including that she was the casualty of badgering by the judges.

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