Video shows Bakari Henderson taking selfie in Greece

Inside the video, which was offered to News, two social occasions appear to conflict inside the city outside a bar on the Greek island of Zakynthos. An gigantic gather remains outside the bar for a number of minutes. Bakari Henderson, a unused graduated course of the College of Arizona, was battered to passing inside the road after the battle broke out, around 3 a.m. adjoining time. 

Within the video, he has all the earmarks of being getting absent individuals when somebody body-pummels him into a vehicle and a gathering of men starts to vanquish him. Henderson’s companions who were in Greece with him told News that the suspects were “looking for a battle” and punched him to begin with. He endeavored to move missing from the swarm in the midst of the fight,

his companions said. When Henderson’s companions come to him, the aggressors had scattered, the companions said. Henderson endured head wounds, the coroner said. Each one of the strikes were to the head, and he didn’t show up to have observed wounds on his body, she include

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