Video da vivi e do juliano leaked -vivi and juliano Twitter trending

da vivi e do juliano leaked The reality that Juliano Floss and Vivi Wanderley have halted battling isn’t a mystery to anybody. The combine shared the year-end merriments together and from there on, they were incapable to halt gazing at one another.

At slightest that’s what we see, isn’t it? The moderator at that point calls Vivi to clarify everything more clearly. She claimed that the primary kiss took put at a celebration in an diner in Guarujá when they were on get-away in Manso de Natal. Moreover, everything happened two days after the breakup with Jon Vlogs.

But not for the show. When the couple is questioned almost their sentiments, one by the other, they don’t deny that something is roiling. And they indeed uncovered a case of cimes that rolled amid a party.

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