Tiktok Star Amber Mezner leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit

TikTok star Brilliant Mezner has responded after she was faulted of bullying a past classmate, beginning a viral wrangle approximately including the influencer. Brilliant Mezner may well be a affirmed TikTok creator with over 1.3 million supporters on the video-sharing app

. Mezner is as of presently at the center of assertions from other clients of the organize who claim she bullied them at school. One of the more obvious assertions comes from TikToker Sunset Beauty care products, which claims the influencer told a companion of hers to come to her school and slap her. 

Sunset Beauty care products as well claims that Mezner made fun of her mental prosperity and undoubtedly issued a “secondary school controlling order” against TikToker after she purportedly went to a tall school 20 minutes truant and came to her school to bully her after classes were over

The first stood outside the school each day and each time they saw Brilliant they had to kick Brilliant out and send her residential so she wouldn’t piss me off,” claims Sunset Cosm

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