Tay Cerqueira Leaked Video taking internet on fire

Tay Cerqueira Leaked Video taking internet on fire

A well-known social media personality is Tay Cerqueira. She is a fitness model for TikTok as well as a social media influencer. On her TikTok page, the model has almost 1.7 million followers. Ay writes on her account primarily on dancing, fitness, fashion trends, and other subjects. She opened an account in July 2020 and has been using TikTok ever since. The model was represented by Aloha Agency. Her biography states that she is from Brazil. She posts pictures and videos every day on social media, where she is highly active.

Her voluptuous form and stunning appearance are displayed in her most recent viral video. Her lower body looks amazing as she flashes her curves in the footage of her dancing. She is very attractive, and boys in particular were drawn to her hot body. Currently, she is content with her social media following.

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