Sophie The Baddie Dog Twitter Reddit Video

Sofia the Baddie pooch video from AdalynGonzalez4 Twitter Reddit Trending on TikTok and Twitter and everyone is shocked to see what happens within the video. We’ll clarify what is Sofia the Baddie dog video and where can you observe it. “Sofia the Baddie” could be a TikTok client who shared her video whereas playing with her canine. In spite of the fact that she has as it were three thousand devotees on TikTok, her puppy video went viral like fierce blaze and presently everybody s talking around the viral video.

Sofia the Baddie canine video appears a young lady playing with her dog. Reacting to the, a Twitter client wrote: “y’all down terrible and late of to this Sofia the baddie video • . ° video gets yanked by Twitter in the event that posted, inquire for a dim to see it. it’s a young lady playing a pooch man fat” “according to my TikTok sources, Sofia the baddie contains a portion two posted some place out there al fal (since one wasn’t sufficient in,” he added. A Twitter client “AdalynGonzalez4” posted Sofia The Baddie pooch video on Twitter. But his account has been suspended presently

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