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Redditt will talk about the news and individuals are commenting approximately Rina Palenkova’s passing. In 2015, she committed suicide in Ussuriysk in Primorsky Krai (Russia). According to the report, she was a normal client of Blue Whale and downloaded it. She may be a legend among the blue whale diversion challenge members. Since there’s not much data on the reason she committed suicide, it is imperative to examine her correct cause of death. The video was too viral through TikTok. The video connect is as of now inaccessible on this stage as the government has prohibited the video. One of the police explanations claimed that she had issues with her relationship life. After her passing, pictures of her with the message “Goodbye” were shared on social media. This was the photo she took right some time recently she went to require her possess life.

What’s the Blue Whale Challenge?

This is often a suicide amusement for high schoolers that includes 50 assignments over 50 days online. Concurring to reports, it is accepted to be responsible for the majority of teenage passings within the world. You’ll be able see photographs of her with a man and other pictures that went viral after her passing on her Instagram. Rina, a high school young lady who lived within the south, posted a photo 22 November 2001. He secured her confront in a dark scarf, and uncovered that her center finger was secured with dried blood.

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