Pokimane, QTCinderella & Sweet Anita respond after Atrioc

After Atrioc uncovered that he had paid for deepfakes of express substance highlighting a few unmistakable streamers, Pokimane, QTCinderella, and Sweet Anita gave their points of view on the issue. There was an overflowing of outrage towards Jerk streamer Atrioc after he incidentally uncovered that he was subscribed to an online site that facilitated faked AI pictures. The site included express photographs of a few individual streamers.

Atrioc gave a sorrowful statement of regret on stream a while later the circumstance was uncovered, saying: “It’s net and I’m too bad. It’s so embarrassing.” However, the streamers who were victims of these deepfakes have started to specific their outrage at this savage hone presently that they have found it exists.

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