Mystery in Mexico: Charlotte woman found dead; autopsy revealed broken neck, family says

Shaquille Robin Biography and Personal Life

  • Full Name Shaquille Robinson
  • Nickname Shaquille Robinson
  • Woman in the Professions
  • Date of birth not found
  • Zodiac Sign Not found
  • Age 25
  • Charlotte, North Carolina is the Birthplace
  • American Nationality

Details About Case

Modern points of interest develop from a story WJZY to begin with brought watchers Thursday night. A Charlotte family is looking for answers after a strange passing in Mexico. “I likely won’t be at ease until someone’s arrested,” said Salamondra Robinson, mother of Shanquella Robinson. Whether or not somebody ought to be captured within the passing of 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson remains as dubious as how she died. The lady, well known for her trade braiding hair, turned up dead after fair a day on get-away in Mexico. According to her family, Robinson’s companions told them she was tanked.

“They had a estate, and they remained there all night,” said Salamondra. They didn’t go out at all.” “No one told the same story, so I never accepted them anyway,” she said. WJZY gotten Robinson’s passing certificate, which records the cause of passing as extreme spinal line harm and map book luxation. That’s flimsiness within the highest vertebrae.

The area where police may have famous any sign of inebriation says, ‘person found oblivious in her living room.’ “They didn’t call us until the exceptionally final miniature, and after that on beat of that, they said the servant found her,” Salamondra said. The gather remained at Estate Linda 32, a property recorded on A rep with the company says the bunch called the concierge for offer assistance Saturday evening. The concierge called a specialist who gave CPR. Robinson kicked the bucket at 3 p.m., an assessed 15 minutes after her injury. WJZY gotten a list of the seven visitors who marked into the estate and called the phone numbers they cleared out with the company.

Shaquille Robin Cause of Death

Until presently, no cause of passing has been distinguished. Online, Robinson was shot being beaten up by her companions. Agreeing to the post-mortem examination report, Robinson had a broken neck.

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