Michael Gidewon Passed Away Leaked video twitter | Michael Gidewon Shot video

Co-owner of well known Atlanta relax murdered in shooting at his club, police sayHe and a family part are included with AG Excitement, a debut nightlife excitement organization in Atlanta. The co-owner of a well known Atlanta relax is dead after he was shot and murdered at his club on Saturday, concurring to police.The casualty was distinguished as Michael Gidewon, agreeing to the Fulton District Restorative Analyst. His age has not however been released. Co-owner of prevalent Atlanta relax murdered in shooting at his club, police say A security watch detailed to 11Alive’s Karys Belger that somebody returned with a weapon after being kicked out for being as well inebriated and slaughtered Gidewon, an proprietor of the club. He and a family part, Alex Gidewon, are included with AG Amusement, a debut nightlife excitement organization in Atlanta.

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