Levels and Shashi Viral on Reddit and Twitter

Songbird Ashleigh Moyo, better known as Shashl, has recorded charges against her past dear and music producer Tafadzwa Kadzimwe aka Levels, co-owner of Mbares Chillspot Records. Shashl, 23, is the young lady of past Prosperity Serve Obadiah Moyo. Over the conclusion of the week, social media was overpowered with a sex tape of the combine, which Levels is acknowledged to have spilled on reason to blackmail Shashl after they wrapped up their relationship. Music producer apologizes for hacked phone after bare photos spilled ahead of sextape In any case, Shashl told state media that his phone had not been stolen, and claimed the Levels were a brutal person who deliberately spilled express substance around them to mortify them. She besides claims she was controlled by Levels and compelled into the relationship, which presently and after that attacked them. “He compelled me into the circumstance. He made me rest with him when I didn’t require to,” the craftsman said. “It started on social media when people said Levels and Shashl were together, but we didn’t.” He was truly the one who posted the story. At that point he started driving me to rest with him. “I said no a number of times a few time as of late he undermined me that he wouldn’t record my music.” The vocalist as well said she was recording charges against Levels, calling him a harsh individual. “I’m recording a complaint against him. He’s bragging that nothing can be done against him. I don’t know how to put it, but I’m in burden since he’s coercing me. “He’s boasting that he’s a untouchable. He was unpleasant and he made me have sex which was truly more like assault. “I had no choice but to report the event to the police so that the truth would come out.” Within the cruel time, a shown police take note has gone viral showing up Shashl reporting the event to the Borrowdale Police Division. Reports as well claim that Levels has vanished.

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