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Jerry Edmond Video viral

Loyalists fan seen in viral video being shouted at by Marauders fan, spends day with Robert Kraft. Jerry Edmond, the Loyalists fan seen in a viral video being hollered at by a Looters fan taking after the team’s misfortune final week, went through Saturday getting a charge out of the sights and sounds from the owner’s box at Gillette Stadium.

Patriots proprietor Robert Kraft expanded an welcome to Edmond to observe Saturday’s diversion against the Cincinnati Bengals. Upon arriving at Gillette, Kraft met with Emond. A video of the assembly was posted to the team’s twitter page. The Nationalists were down 22-0 at the half Saturday, but nearly made a comeback that fell brief taking after a turnover within the ruddy zone. The Nationalists finished up losing to the Bengals 22-18.

Patriots Fan Given Free Tickets

Nationalists Fan Scolded By Forceful Marauders Fan In Viral Video Welcomed To Domestic Diversion By Robert Kraft. A Loyalists fan who kept calm in spite of an overly-aggressive Pillagers fan flailing her arms and shouting in his confront after a Las Vegas diversion was welcomed to a domestic diversion by Robert Kraft on Wednesday. Jerry Edmond merits each grant accessible after keeping his composure amid a football amusement in Las Vegas on Dec. 18. Edmond had traveled to Sin City to observe the Modern Britain Nationalists play against the Las Vegas Marauders and was verbally mishandled by an forceful Pillagers fan amid the amusement.

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