Hodan Hashi Bar fight video – Saskatoon Bar St@bbing video

Video Of Paige Theriault And Hodan Hashi

A 22-year-old lady is charged with murder after a battle on Saturday morning at the Insane Cactus bar in Saskatoon. Paige Theriault-Fisher had to go to common court on Monday. She is thought to have slaughtered Hodan Hashi, 23 a long time old.

Paige Theriault Was Arrested For Killing Hodan Hashi In A Bar Fight

Police say that since Theriault knew the casualty some time recently the occurrence, the charges were changed from second-degree kill to murder. The savage occasion was caught on film by bystanders, and the video rapidly went viral on social media.

Police say that the examination is still going on. Indeed in spite of the fact that the police didn’t title the casualty or Theriault in their news discharge, they have been named in social media posts. Theriault, whose full title is Paige Theriault-Fisher, went to court for the primary time on November 7, composed Bre McAdam of The Star Phoenix. The indictment didn’t concur with her discharge, and mc adam said a safeguard hearing was set for Thursday, November 10.

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