Dwayne Dawkins US pastor apologises to his wife Tamia Dawkins, and steps down after his gay s*xtape with boyfriend got leaked

Who Is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?

 Dawkins was the part of the Praise Universal Church in Florida and is additionally the originator and CEO of DHDawkins Ministries. The service he established claims to go past devout lecturing and into the divisions of medication, brain research, compassion, instruction, funds, government, and more. The minister also served as the Senior Minister of Commend Sanctuary Worldwide within the city of Post Lauderdale in 2006. Dwayne Dawkins has been known to be a charismatic, smooth, and free-spirited pioneer prepared to serve. Commend Sanctuary states that he incorporates a energetic identity and “oozes a veritable care, adore, and concern for all of God’s individuals.”

Dwayne Dawkins s*xtape

he was a extraordinary fellow and was a enthusiastic minister. His otherworldly father and biblical agent, Cleric Timothy Clark of Columbus, Ohio is his otherworldly father and missional agent. Talking almost his relationship, he was remaining with Tamia Dawkins. And he has one child whose title is Dywane H. Dawkins II. Moreover, he was the president of the Eastern Unused York Common Gathering of the Church of God State Youth Organization which comprises of more than 21 youth bunches. Afterward on, he moved to Post Lauderdale, Florida where he was working as the senior minister of Laud Worldwide Church.

What happened to Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?

As we as of now specified over that, numerous rumors say he was a gay person. Other than this, we didn’t have any data. Our sources are attempting to get increasingly data so in case you appreciate our endeavors, at that point you’ll take after this location. IE. Dawkins Services, Inc’s reach expands past religion into the therapeutic, helpful, mental, government, and monetary segments.

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