Betty Kyalo Exclusive Video Leaked On Social media

Morning Kiss moderator Kamene Goro has apologized to Betty Kyallo after being bullied over affirmed spilled hot videos. Kamene says it is dishonorable for individuals to bully celebrities fair since they think they merit it. Speaking amid today’s appear, Kamene shared “Let’s normalize having a few level of humankind.

As Kenyans, we see at celebrities as a result of their status, we dehumanize them. We disregard they have sentiments, a soul, and families. The reality of the matter is that there was no video. It was somebody who was attempting to make a few speedy cash. Everyone tore at Betty Kyallo for something that did not exist.

People disregard Betty contains a family, a girl, the trade includes a heart. How would somebody feel on the off chance that the same was done to you?” Kamene says individuals ought to use caution or karma catches up with them; “You can not indeed envision the harm it has done to her notoriety and her soul. They are celebrities and we devour but we don’t possess them. We ought to treat individuals li

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