August Alsina Appears To Introduce Boyfriend To The World

Eminent Alsina Comes Out and Reports He Includes a Boyfriend On ‘The Dreamlike Life’ , Fans Think He’s GayAugust Alsina has generally kept a moo profile after the “entanglement” that was uncovered between him and Jada Pinkett Smith, but he’s back within the news in a major way During the closing fragment of VH1’s The Strange Life, the R&B vocalist apparently comes out as cheerful and presented a man who supposedly is his boyfriend.

August Alsina Comes Out and Announces He Has a Boyfriend

Eminent Alsina, 30, was the conversation of Twitterland after fans caught wind of the Unused Orleans local talking to the cameras at the conclusion of The Strange Life and communicating adoring estimations to a individual offscreen. Moments after Alsina spouted almost his newly discovered cherish, fans on Twitter were shocked to see that a man came and sat another to him whereas wrapping the man in a gigantic bear embrace.

Some time recently we go any advance, in the event that Admirable Alsina is without a doubt cheerful or indiscriminate, it shouldn’t be of anyone’s concern, and let’s commend Dark adore out here to begin with and foremost. But since the Web is muddled at times, people on Twitter had distant as well much to say to the point that it was unavoidable.

We ought to use caution to note that never once did Alsina formally state that he was coming out but it is certainly implied within the clip, which you’ll see below.On Twitter, Eminent Alsina was exchanging late Monday night into Tuesday (Nov. 22) and we’ve got all the responses below. August Alsina Fans Celebrate Vocalist Apparently Coming Out as Cheerful on VH1’s ‘Surreal Life’His diehard fans beyond any doubt beyond any doubt appear to think so and are indicating to prove from the season finale of VH1’s ‘The Dreamlike Life’ as verification.

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