10 people shot during filming of French Montana music video

In the midst of the shooting of a French Montana music video on Thursday, January 5, night, ten people were shot outside a restaurant in Miami Gardens. The examination into the mass shooting is nonstop. A soul food diner called The Licking’s ceasing divide was the scene of the shooting at 8 o’clock inside the evening.

French Montana was shooting a rap video when the gunfire looked, witnesses told WSVN. The shooting’s repercussions was purportedly captured on film, which was at that point posted on social media and showed up a number of casualties lying on the evil street though to start with responders and spectators looked for to help, as point by point by The Unused York Post. Fair a few time as of late 8 o’clock, Miami Gardens police responded to the shooting outside The Licking diner, where they found different casualties, concurring to WSVN. In show disdain toward of the reality that sources told the broadcaster there were more than 10, the police have not certified how various people were hurt. Fo

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